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        There is an issue we have all faced, the dreaded no atomizer found error. It usually haunts you when you are at a concert or ballgame. The quickest fix is to make sure you buy authentic coils from a reputable vendor. A lot of times coils may fit in one device or another, but may not have been made buy the actual brand  that made your tank. Online vendors can be inexpensive, but have a tendency to sell counterfeit products. (there are very reputable vendors out there so this is a blanket statement.) We will be doing a complete series on no coil errors, but this is a good pace to start. 

         So now we have our fresh legit coil from a reputable source. Next your going to want to make sure your tank in completely clean. You can run it through really hot water from your sink, or even put it through a sonic cleaner. (that is what we do in the shop if you need a coil swap) make sure you tank is completely clean. The make sure you thread your coil completely flush. screw your tank back onto your box mod and prime your coil. At this point you should be seeing the ohm rating of your coil, and and the juice that you primed your coil with should be steaming. Put your top cap on and screw your coil in. You should be fine

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