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So your asking yourself which coil is best for me?

we recommend you start with suggested wattage written on the coil. If you have a 60 watt mod, and you have a 120 watt coil do not use the coil. some coils are meant for flavor, as others are meant for cloud. For instance a single coil is may run lower, but may lack in flavor.  Double coils are more Powerful and produce a bigger cloud. You never want to over run your coil. (Example: if your coil runs best at 70 watts, you don't want to run it at 90 you will burn it out quick, and won't have the flavor you want from it.) You always want to run the best wattage for your coil to give you the flavor possible. Just because its big doesn't mean its right for you. All coils have different price points some are cheap some are expensive, let your budget tell you whats best for you. For me, I use the Freemax quad Fireluke mesh, I love the flavor and watts I get from it. Mesh coils, like the supermesh baby beast, compared to traditional coils, mesh wins all the way. Mesh have a more even heat distribution then traditional coils do. So no matter what coil you use, it all comes down to, are you looking for flavor,cloud or price.

By Taz 

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