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Pod systems vs Sub-Ohm Tanks

   Vaping has been around for a while now and now with many different types of vapes out there many people don't know what the best system to use is. If you are unsure about the difference between a Sub-ohm tank and a pod system vape this blog will go over the details to better help you decide the device that works best for you.

   We will start with Pod systems, much like the Novo series from Smok. These devices are an "All in one kit" meaning that the tank, coil, and battery are all included with the device. These devices are made to run at a lower wattage from around 12-40 watts some of the newer ones sometimes go up to 80 Watts. These devices are meant to run an atomizer (also called a coil) that is typically around a 1.0 ohm or higher. Because of the smaller coil with higher resistance they need a thinner juice to work in them much like salt nicotine juice which typically has about 25-50mg of nicotine, which is about the same amount to almost double as an average cigarette. Because of the higher amount of nicotine and lower level of flavor these can make it harder to quit nicotine all together and can lead to people wanting to go back to cigarettes.  Though many people do use pod systems as an introduction to vaping and find the smaller size of these devices appealing the smaller size also means a shorter battery life. The average pod system will run for about 5 hours of consecutive use. The type of hit you get out of these devices is much more similar to a hit off of a cigarette, this is usually referred to as a mouth to lung hit.

    Now we will cover the sub-ohm tank style. Sub-ohm tanks have to be put onto a separate device referred to as a Box mod. Box mods can sometimes include an internal battery or need to have external batteries, such as 18650s, put into them. Due to the size of the batteries the average usage time before needing to recharge these is about 8 hours for a single battery and up to 18 hours for a dual battery system. These numbers can change depending on the wattage you run your device. Sub-ohm tanks use coils that are under a 1.0 ohm rating from anywhere between 0.2-0.6 these affect the optimal wattage range you should use your device.  These coils are usually bigger and as such need to use a thicker liquid much like a 70/20 blend which typically have 0-12mg of nicotine and better flavor. These tanks hit differently than a cigarette in what's called a direct to lung hit, meaning that you inhale directly down to your lungs. The idea behind these systems is to make you trick your mind from chasing nicotine into chasing after flavor and has been a very effective way of quitting nicotine all together. Box mods are also generally more durable since they've been out for so long and everyone wants something that will last a long time, with many box mods now being made with ABS plastic(which is commonly  used in airplanes) making it light and durable. 

   Many people like the idea of a smaller device but the best way to get the most bang for your buck is to go with the sub-ohm tank style, though getting into a box mod can cost more than a pod system at first the upkeep costs are usually cheaper in the long run, cause who doesn't love saving money. To wrap this up if you are looking to get into vaping or just getting a new device it all depends on what you are looking for out of your vaping experience be it going with the higher nicotine in a pod system or the lower nicotine higher flavor route of the sub-ohm tanks. 

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