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So you're starting vaping and wondering which flavor is best for you? Everyone is unique, some people like candy, like Drooly from Bad Drip. Others like fruits or custards,so to find your flavor, you simply have to test them out. For instance you may have friend that loves custard, And he is always trying to get you to try them. You may not like custards, instead you may like candies, or maybe fruits. For new vapors always remember you can never emulate the taste exactly like the burning tobacco flavor of a cigarette, this is the reason behind the vast flavors of e-juice. For me personally, I like menthol e-juices, like our Orgnx line. Most people don't care for menthol e-juice. Most people have there own style of ejuice like how everyone has their favorite brand. So in conclusion, to find your favorite flavor or style. Don't be afraid to try a variety of flavors. After a few bottles, you'll know what style to call your own.


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