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So you want to get a new vape, or maybe your just getting into it. When you walk into a vape shop, you see all different types of vapes. Some vapes are small others are large, You may be thinking "what size is going to be best for me?" There so many different sizes, some are the size of the thumb drive, while others are the size of a beer can or larger. So you may be thinking, why are there so many sizes?

         Lets start with small devices, most small devices are pocket devices (usually pod systems) meaning less power and less flavor and generally more nicotine. As medium devices or single battery devices will always have a higher wattage output (60-80 watt ) hence, more power and more flavor to them. One key note of the single battery device like the Lucid kit is that the user can change the battery when necessary. (when your battery runs out of juice , you can just swap out a fresh battery) Unlike many smaller devices that have an internal battery,  meaning you charge it much like your phone through a USB port. Single battery devices can't run all tanks, only some tanks can be ran on a single battery device, but dual/triple/quad battery devices will have even more power and flavor to them. You can run most tanks on these devices or you can even build your own coil. More powerful mods give you more options per device. The battery life on multiple battery devices will give you more time vaping and less time needing to charge when your going through your day. 

             I personally use a dual battery device it gives me the long battery life the power and flavor I want for my daily vape. I hope this helps you decide the Best Vape for you and remember Tiny Box is always a call away. 


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