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Is Vaping healthier than cigarettes?

So with all the news and virus going around you've heard that vaping has caused all these health problems and you have seen ads about the dangers of vaping, so why don't we dive into what the real risks are compared to cigarettes. First lets start off with the despairing difference between what American doctors say compared to other countries around the world. So first many American doctors have stated that vaping isn't much healthier than smoking cigarettes but they don't really dive into why they say this. Many doctors have even said that it lowers the effectiveness of your immune system but when you investigate further you find no reasoning to their claims, so I decided to dig further into this to figure out what was really going on, I stumbled upon the Royal College of Physicians (let's just refer to them as the RCP) and found much more information on the matter. 

So back on April 28 2016 the RCP made a report about how vaping carries a significantly smaller risk than smoking cigarettes. Saying that even the long term effects will not reach more than 5% of the cases reported from health problems related to tabacco based products. Going a little further into this they said that chemicals that are present in vape products are in such small amounts that they pose little to no harmful effects even over a 5 year span. The harmful effects of smoking cigarettes primarily comes from the tabacco in a cigarette. Many hospitals in Europe actually recommend vaping to cigarette smokers and they hope that all of Europe will be off of tabacco products one day.


On October 25 2019 the RCP updated their original consensus after cases in the US of vaping health issues reached 1479 lung disease including 33 deaths, they reported 77% of these cases dealt with THC related vapes and of all the cases people were reported to only vaping THC and all of the cases were connected to unregulated illegal vape products bought of the street. These unregulated products contained THC, Spice, or Vitamin E acetate which is harmful to ingest.


So to wrap this up regulated vape juice that can be purchased at a Vape Shop is 95% safer than cigarettes, also that you should not purchase any vape products from anyone other than a regulated vape shop.  

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