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Disposable Vapes vs Refillable Vapes

   Vaping has been around for a while now and now with many different types of vapes out there many people don't know what the best system to use is. If you are unsure if going with a disposable vape pen is more effective than a refillable system.  First we will go over a few of the points about each then I'll leave it up for you to decide, because vaping is a personal experience and choice and everyone has their own way to put down the cigarettes.

First we will talk about disposable vapes, these devices are designed so that all you have to do is puff and toss once it is emptied out. Some of these devices and be charged with a micro USB or a USB-C. Many people love the convivence of these devices but it begs the question of how cost effective are these disposable vapes. As a reference most 5000 puff disposables are about 13ml worth of juice. On average most disposables contain 5% nicotine or roughly 50mg per ml of nicotine.  That would mean a 5000 puff disposable is roughly close to 2 packs of higher nicotine cigarettes.  So a disposable can still be way more cost effective than cigarettes with just as little maintenance as well. The only downside these have is it can be just as difficult to quit disposable as it is with cigarettes due to the high nicotine levels. I believe disposables can help a heavy smoker to switch easily but a light smoker might be getting more addicted and may be better off with a lower nicotine device.

Pod systems have been around for a while now and have continued to improve over the years. Pod systems or refillable devices tend to have just a little more maintenance than a disposable but instead of disposing of the entire device you just replace the pod/coil of the device. Most devices work with salt nicotine which can come in levels varying from 18-50mg of nicotine. Most people can usually make a bottle of salt nicotine last roughly about 1- 1 1/2 weeks and is about on average equal to about 1 pack of cigarettes.  This makes these great devices for someone who is a heavy smoker and trying to lower they're nicotine down to fully quit. 

Lastly we have sub-ohm systems which many of our blogs have covered, however the biggest thing about using a lower nicotine device is that most nicotine bottles come in 3-6mg per ml, ranging from 60-120ml bottles. This makes sub-ohm systems perfect for medium to light smokers or those who have lowered their nicotine down in a pod system.

There are many ways to vape and some are better for certain types of people over others and only you can decide the best way for you. It always helps to learn everything you can about the options available to you. Stop on down today to find the best way for you!!!

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