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What is the the best Vape  mod For beginners 

Buying on the internet will usually save you money in the short term, but vaping is not super easy to figure out when you are first getting started. There are so many different modes on a mod, mech mods are very dangerous, rdas can be cheaper because you are making your own coils, but super frustrating. So when you have all this information in front of you it can be confusing. So the best vape mod for the beginner is the mod that works best for you. It's pretty simple go to your local shop ask them to show you the mod that they believe is best for you. Ask them to let you try it out. Does it feel right in your hand? Does it work how you like it to. Does the vape feel comfortable on the throat hit? Do you love the way it looks? Can you afford it?  Line all these factors up. If they do that's your mod!! If they don't let you actually try the mod at that shop, go to another shop.    

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