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Why are disposable vapes so popular???

You've probably found yourself walking around and noticing everyone seems to be using these really small disposable vapes all of a sudden, and it seems like its become the hot new thing almost over night. What makes everyone want a disposable vape over a refillable pod system or a box mod you may ask? Well lets go ahead and dive in to what makes these things so popular.

One of the main reasons everyone wants a disposable vape is because of how convenient and low maintenance they are. Once you buy it all you have to do is open it up and start puffing, and when its empty you just toss it out. Some of the newer ones with a larger puff count also can be charged up on a USB charger much like a phone. 

Another big reason for the sudden spike in popularity is how you can find them just about everywhere now. Glass shops, bodegas, gas stations, corner stores you name it they probably sell disposables. So with them being just as readily available as cigarettes it's no surprise how they've grown in popularity.


The last reason we'll go over is the lack of knowledge related to effective ways to vape. What I mean by this is that many employees who are selling these disposables are just doing it cause they are a quick sale not because they think it will actually help you quit smoking. The average disposable has about 8mls of liquid in it which will last most people about 3 days then you'll have to get another one. "Oh but that's fine cause it's easy to use." Many pod systems cost only a little more than a disposable and the upkeep cost is almost half of that for buying a new disposable every few days.


Now I know many of you are probably thinking that the ease of use and accessibility makes it worth the extra costs. But most pod systems are just as easy with only one extra step involved which is the thing that makes it much cheaper refilling your own pods and getting bottles of juice. For someone whose a complete beginner to vaping, disposables may seem like the best choice, however it all depends on how much  you smoke, if you are barely finishing a pack of cigarettes a day a disposable is probably gonna be more nicotine than you need. Sometimes something being really convenient can make it that much harder to stop as well. And with most disposables containing more nicotine than a pack of cigarettes they can be even more difficult to put down. So before you go buying in to the trend think about what would be the most effective way to vape so that you can put down the cigarettes.    

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